The soccer community is unique, its passion and loyalty are unrivaled. It’s a culture unlike that of any other sport. At 1852, we’re creating an environment where soccer culture becomes an experience for those who love the sport and those who are new to it. Here you’ll experience a unique mix of traditional soccer culture combined with the traditions and values of Tulare County. A place where respect, trust, diversity and collaboration thrive. Our culture is built with every player, every fan, every participant, every person who walks through our doors and contributes to the 1852 community. We all play a part in creating something great.
Our roots run deep and we’re proud of our community. We’re excited for the opportunity to participate in the revitalization and growth of Visalia. Building something new and unique and creating a hub in the center of our community. At 1852 our goal is to create a space where our community can come together through the connection of sports and good brews. We’re dedicated to creating a place where community will be transformed through playing a game of soccer, watching a match, and enjoying a cold beer together. Building relationships through footy and brews. 1852 is a place where all are welcome.
The microbrew scene is growing in Visalia. We’re excited to join an expanding network of local breweries in our community. Led by our brewmaster, Will Peltzer, we’re bringing a fresh perspective to craft beer. Will’s roots run deep in the Central Valley. After spending time honing his craft in one of the world’s biggest brew cities, San Diego, he’s ready to bring his talents right back here to the valley. Our standards for good beer are high. Expect nothing but crisp, refreshing, and great-tasting beer. We’re on a mission to make 1852 Brew Co. a staple in Visalia - and beyond - for its delicious tasting brews.
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